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Our Jam is Special!

Apricots for jam and syrupNancy lays out the peaches and apricots to ripen, then carefully peels and pits the peaches and pits the apricots to be sure that only the ripe, full of flavor fruit goes into our jams and syrups.

Only the ripest, sweetest berries are used for our jams and syrups. We let the sun ripen the berries fully so that the natural  sugar content and flavor are fully developed. That way we can use as little sugar as possible when making our jam and syrup. In fact, we measure the brix–the natural sugar content–of each batch of fruit before our product is made so we know exactly how much sugar is needed-as little as possible. That is why our jam and syrup taste just like fresh fruit–summer in a jar! Try some today–and share with a friend!

Farm Fresh
Walnuts-Hazelnuts-Broccoli-Salad Greens-Eggs-Honey-Pears-Apples

Farm fresh eggs from our happy hens–RESERVE YOURS TODAY

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Carl’s hens are busy laying every day-taste a vegetarian-fed, farm fresh egg for a truly healthy meal!

Umpqua Dairy Products

We now carry Umpqua Milk,
Yogurt, Ice Cream and more!

Jam and Syrup from our berries

Farmers Breakfast

Order jars of jam and syrup or let us put together a gift pack for you!

Specialty foods for every meal


Honey from our hives


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