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June 7 Marion County CSA Box

The very first strawberries of the season are in your box today! Small but delicious!
Enjoy today or tomorrow because they won’t keep.

The salad greens and spinach are in a special, breathable bag, so they will stay fresh for several days. I would suggest eating the spinach raw in a salad, because it would cook down into just a few bites–more in a few weeks.

The sugar snap peas are delicious added to a salad or lightly sauteed with onions.

I know the broccoli head is small, but it will be delicious either raw or cooked.

The shiitake mushrooms come from our friends in Salem. They are fresh picked and wonderful added to vegetable stir fries, meat loaf, scrambled eggs or potatoes.

And the jam is made with berries that we grow and pick when they are ripe and flavorful, so we use very little sugar–enjoy the fresh fruit taste in every bite!